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Bouncy Emote by RadioRose Bouncy Emote :iconradiorose:RadioRose 2 2
For Keeps
If you're strong enough to leave your doubt,
I'll tell you a secret.
You may not know what it's about,
But you still get to keep it.
Swear you'll save me,
If I fall,
And I'll willingly,
Tell it all.
Take me with you,
Into the sweet oblivion of death.
Steal my essence,
Take my very last breath.
Keep my secrets,
Keep my heart.
Not even at death,
Shall we part.
:iconradiorose:RadioRose 0 2
I'm transparent to you.
Yet I never feel invisible.
You see through me like glass.
Even though I'm more like crystal.
Multi-faceted, always lying.
And still you forgive me my faults.
You never want my secrets.
When I'm quiet, you never push.
You know better than to ask some things.
Even though you're ever curious.
You like all my stupid little quirks.
You know when to shutup, and when to fuss.
All I'm trying to say, but never really can.
Is here, if you'd only look between the lines.
We're meant to be together, in whatever way.
No matter what happens, you're my kind..
Of perfect. <3
:iconradiorose:RadioRose 1 2
With Feeling
I cannot see you
Hovering over me
But I can feel you
That's how I know you're there
When I look
You're always gone
When I don't
You feel so close
Everything is inside out
So topsy-turvy
I can't differentiate
Left from right
Right from wrong
Dark from light
But I can feel you
That's the only thing I know
For certain, I'm sure
You are with me, always..
Eternity, with me.
Is that so bad?
:iconradiorose:RadioRose 0 0
My Art - How I Love It
The words; My choice
Poetry; My voice
When I am mute, I write
My way - to fight
The words, they flow
They come, they go
They're here - for me
Comforting. Endlessly.
:iconradiorose:RadioRose 0 3
All alone, on my own
Sitting here, in the unknown
A name on the tip of my tongue
In the back of my mind a bell is rung
I can't see your face for the darkness
I know I should feel but I'm emotionless
I can feel that you're not here
Like you used to tell when I was near
At you hands, I suffered a cruel fate
Your darker side, I ignored until too late
I cannot remember you anymore
I know I loved you, but that was before
The fate I suffered, worse than death
As I remember - I forget, and draw my first breath
Left to die, without a reason why
I'm new again, beneath a starlit sky
:iconradiorose:RadioRose 2 0
Blinking emote by RadioRose Blinking emote :iconradiorose:RadioRose 0 2
Speak the words that can't be spoken
Seeking only what cannot be found
Taking its toll on each token
In the empty silence jumping at every sound
Live life 'til dawn doth what it may
Reading signs that were never there
Living life anyway
Swearing upon things we shouldn't swear
Through the emptiness people stray
Selling our souls to our personal devils
Coming out through the gray
In exchange for simple pleasures
Forgiving ones that do not deserve
Always blaming others, never ourselves
Leaving one's innocence to be preserved
Leaving precious keepsakes to dusty shelves
Light enclosing every sound
Why perfection when flaws are beautiful?
Who of all is still hell-bound?
Why want someone who is boring and dutiful?
Curious carries like words riding on winds
We mistake reclusion for solidarity
Too bad for all those who have sinned
Choosing new and exciting over the real rarity
Yesterday's years have shriveled down
So many mistakes will we ever learn?
Who wants to drown?
No, we shant. In hell we
:iconradiorose:RadioRose 1 6
Human but not
What a wonderful world we live in
Such a shame that we easily give in
To temptation
What a sensation
All our lives we crave power, treasure
Only caring about our own pleasure
Such selfish fools
There is more than jewels
Why can't we just get along
Being together would make us strong
Until we can truly see
We shall have no humanity
:iconradiorose:RadioRose 0 3
For my Lady
My sweet baby girl
To me you mean the world
I love you more than you will know
And I will try to let it show
You may not always see me
But I will always be there
I may be the sun on your skin
Or the wind through your hair
Even if I am gone
I am always in your heart
and for that reason
We will never be apart
:iconradiorose:RadioRose 0 3
Truth about the world
There is no once upon a time
No happily ever after
Only the sounds
Of screams and laughter
There is no Prince
To save the Princess
No Knight on a horse
For a Damsel in distress
There is no Eden
No Paradise
This world is far from perfect
But will have to suffice
Life is no fairy tale
And love is but a dream
Forget what They say
It is as it seems
:iconradiorose:RadioRose 3 3
Emerging from the lake
Cleansed of all sins
Through this waterfall
My new life begins
The sun to light my path
The moon to guard my dreams
That glint of hope in my eye
Love so I don't fall apart a the seams
And so I set out
Free of the chains that bound me before
But first I think to myself
"I wonder what's in store?"
:iconradiorose:RadioRose 0 4
Night and Day
I am waking in a meadow
The sun rising over the trees
I miss the night when there where no shadows
Only the moon through the leaves
But night is gone and I must go
From this place that shelters me
I await the night when once again
I may escape from reality
The sun's cruel rays illuminate all
The lies that I have spoken
Only at night can I truly hide
From the truth - I am broken
:iconradiorose:RadioRose 1 2


when words fail. by superbahtzang when words fail. :iconsuperbahtzang:superbahtzang 3 0 Sunspots. by Littography Sunspots. :iconlittography:Littography 8 10
Fear is the drug inside us,  
Which all our bodies crave  
And just hate simultaneously,  
For it sends us to our graves.  
Fear is the beast in our hearts,  
For when it’s woken up,  
No thing controls its rampage,
And it charges over us.  
Fear is the silken shadow  
That lures us in with wit  
Before it swallows us alive  
With deadly skill and grit.  
Fear is the rush of winter  
Just underneath our skin;  
It cools us off at first, but then  
We’re frozen deep within.  
:iconhorriblyaskew:HorriblyAskew 2 1
Vichenta by empew Vichenta :iconempew:empew 2,792 67
The world is a giant puzzle
There is no picture on the box
And alone the pieces give no hints
The pieces slowly fall into place
And I find that I can only wait
And hope to like what I see
While I watch, I see an image form
I like it a bit, I hope it stays
And I pray none of the pieces break
I'll never guess what the picture is
This puzzle is never really finished
With an infinite number of pieces
A piece myself, I start to fall
I don't know where I'll land
But I'm curious all the same
I spend an eternity drifting around
And I mind very little, I have fun
'Til I reach what might just be my place
I like it here, I hope I fit
Nothing I can imagine is better than this
And if I'm right, then this is it
Now I look around, and I start to see
Life is a puzzle, made for me
And a lovely picture is forming
:icondeathwinged12:deathwinged12 1 3
Passing By
I can’t help but fight myself.
Know I shouldn't be feeling this way,
But I can’t seem to pass you by.
Know I would be so much happier,
But I can’t get you out of my mind.
This feeling is tough,
But I can’t seem to get over this hump.
I know this feeling is mutual,
But I don’t know why, I am still here.
Can’t get off my feet,
This fight is tough,
I don’t have the power to fight,
All I want is some peace,
This wound is hurting.
Trying to find a way out of here,
But I will have to pay the price.
The crisis is out of hand.
Broken down, I don’t know how I’m still alive.
Sometime I just want to turn around.
I know I’m bound to this feeling.
But I can’t seem to forget this love.
This pain is too much,
I will just pass you by, again.
I am getting older,
But my mind is slipping.
My shadow is creeping up.
But this time I’m going to let it take me,
Take me to my den of emotions.
This is a good-bye.
This feeling is slipping my
:iconfrozenfire12:Frozenfire12 3 3
What does it even mean?
Some say,
'Home is where the heart is,"
But if your heart is hundreds of miles away
With someone you can never have,
How is that home?
Home should be where you live,
But when you had a home for twenty years,
And then you have to leave,
How can that new place be home?
You can have three different places to stay
But still feel homeless
And when you tell someone you feel that way,
They say,
"Hun, you have a home."
And when you ask where,
They say,
"Look up."
But isn't home supposed to be familiar?
Looking up is looking into unknown territory,
So how can that be home?
Once you've left your original home,
How do you find a new one?
Are you left feeling lost
Until you grow up
And you have your own family
And that makes your new home?
How long do you have to live somewhere
Before it feels like home?
A week?
A month?
A year?
Maybe you can live somewhere for five years
And it never feels like home,
But maybe a place can feel like home
After just an hour.
Maybe home
:iconnikkithepoet:NikkithePoet 1 0
The Music Clock
A nostalgic melody plays from within,
faint and comforting
full of things long since forgotten,
from within its beautiful shell
the music clock plays memories,
sad and full of pain
the clocks lamellophone sings its sweet tone,
old tears roll from its inner mechanism
as the pain is suppressed once again,
a happiness filled with pain
is what the music clock was meant to play
but instead it only plays to forget
the pain and suffering that it has caused,
all the blood shed on its behalf
and the looks of betrayal that reside within it,
it plays to forget, and to comfort,
laying its broken spirit down
on a field of white lilies and blossoms
it forgets and waits,
for a new hand and heart to refill and to replace
so that its sweet melody can be played how it was truly meant to be
a childhood happiness or to fill the void of an empty, hollow heart
so it plays on in the forgotten abyss
a nostalgic melody
faint and comforting
:iconweepingelement:WeepingElement 2 0
Now And Then
My emotions came to the surface,
I should of left them bottled up
Captivated in a cage, I was so afraid
But I fell in love. Am I good enough?
Now and then I feel it burn
These emotions I had said to you
Knowing that I'd only be hurt
But I'm trying to stay true...
To what I feel and what I know
I'm not so good at letting go
But I'm not afraid to let it show
This love feels so right to me...
You said that you felt for me,
But you already had time into somebody
God please forgive my jealousy...
But what I feel inside, with the memories,
How can one expect for this to leave my mind?
I'm not so easy to open up,
I'm not so easy to fall in love
I'm not so easy to be so tough
But I'm easily broken, and easy to bleed
My love how can you do this to me?
I thought I could hide everything I feel
Just to fulfill what I thought I needed
But you opened me up, and I fell in love
And right now I lay here broken and bleeding...
I will never put you to blame
You were just being honest with me
But if you f
:icondemonhunter4652:Demonhunter4652 2 2
Things had never meant to be,
when I closed my eyes to a dream.
Underwater I face the moon,
feeling its caress in this barren abyss.
Figments of hopes and prayers
flitting and fleeting around me,
a school of fish swimming
in glistening silver fragments.
In a future that once was
and a past that could never be,
I felt the ebb and flow
of a faint midday sun with you.
But when my eyes awaken,
it becomes too much to bear.
A drab reality falls in place,
crushing these remnants of possibility.
:iconrenargentum:RenArgentum 5 0
I'm just a little bird
I’m just a little bird,
Soaring away,
Searching for freedom…
I’m just a little bird,
Asking the winds,
To carry me on…
I’m just a little bird,
Shooting through clouds,
Looking for the sun…
As I keep sliding through,
The gentle breeze,
Trying to find a way,
I see a world brand new,
For me to seize,
But I know I can’t stay,
My leave’s long overdue,
But I’m at ease,
And too easy a prey…
I’m just a little bird,
Sailing away,
Searching for freedom…
I’m just a little bird,
Asking the winds,
To slide me upon…
I’m just a little bird,
Slicing through seas,
To the horizon…
They say
You’re too good to be true
I say
There’s no one like you
I try to sing
I try to call
Trying to find my way
My way back home
Or shall I roam
Let myself go astray
When can I come,
Home to my sun…
:iconadmala:Admala 1 0
My Desire
My Desire
You will never realize
how I thought of you today
How I wish I was there
To wipe your tears away
I saw you in my dreams
It was like a year this day
How I looked into your eyes
It was a night I will not forget
You don't know who I am
that's the reason that you went away
But I keep you in my mind
every day and night awake
What must I do
to win your heart today
I made you this poem
and keep my faith and wait!
By: J.L.R
:iconjerryartzdesign:JERRYARTZDESIGN 2 0
Impatiently Persistent
The promises you made
“I will, I will”
Regardless of intent
I’m standing here still
Waiting for you to make a move
Or say a word
Display some how
What was harbored
When this began we had been friends
And now we float as if fallen leaves
Occasionally crossing
By the will of the wind
Or it would seem that way,
But I really know
The way that things
Are bound to go
More promises of
“I will, I will”
Time passes quickly
I can no longer be still
My spirit grows anxious
With nothing to feed it
I’m willing to stay,
If you weren’t so conceited
Even the heroes have days of rest
Spend time with their friends,
A day free of stress
Without someone who bends
And the other stays rigid
Set in their ways
With hollow “I will” s;
Why am I waiting here still?
:iconziongurl:ziongurl 1 0
For You
Trapped in a box
I built all by myself,
Watching the crowds
From high upon a self.
I close my eyes and clear my heart
Forget yesterday and let today be
A brand new start.
With a strong push
And a change of scenery
I’m back into reality.
My mind tells me one thing,
My heart another.
Both so loud,
If I focus on one,
I can’t hear the other.
In over my head,
Don’t know what to do.
My head and heart are fighting
I don’t know who to listen to…
Try to hide in the crowd
Won’t speak,
Unless spoken to.
I want to change
And I would change
You give me reasons to believe
You would do it for me
So I will change
I will come out of my shell
For you.
Smart and charming,
The way you smile makes me find
All of my shields disarming.
Part of me finds it so alarming
That when you look at me the way you do,
I would do anything and everything
For you.
It gives me hope when I look into your eyes
You give me reasons to believe
That you feel the same for me
You would do anyth
:iconprincessyuki08:princessyuki08 3 7
Under My Skin
You think words don’t matter?
You think an apology can make it all go away?
But it doesn’t, and they do.
At least when I fall and bleed I know that it will stop.
At least I know the wound will heal and go away.
But the things you say to me, I carry with me.
They hang on chains, and drag behind me.
They wrap around me and slow me down,
Pull me and force me to the floor.
You didn’t mean it.
You were just angry.
But that doesn’t really help either.
Your words were not thought through,
Thrown at me in spite,
You weren’t thinking,
So it’s okay now.
I was listening though,
And it’s not okay,
Not for me.
You didn’t just say it once,
Or twice,
But so many times.
Pounded into me until,
It was all I heard.
The words are painted,
On the inside of my skin.
No one else sees them,
But I know they are there,
Where I cannot reach them.
And they whisper to me,
In cruel cold voices.
When I look in a mirror,
Your angry words stare back at me.
So how can you
:iconsoulless-love:Soulless-Love 2 0


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Rose Anderson
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